The Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is the largest trade expo in the world. Experience the ultimate Business and Leisure tour in China.



Private Labels build Equity

Private Labels are brands that are created by the seller, but produced by a third party manufacturer on a contractual basis. The creation of an identifiable brand builds equity which can increase in value and be sold. This is more valuable to the seller in the long run than just reselling the product of an existing brand.

Private Labels give you more Control (Production, Pricing, Profitability)

Private Labels are products and brands you create. Therefore, you control the specifications of your product, source of production, quality….all of which impacts your cost and profitability.  

Private Labels allow you to Customize

This is your brand. As such, you can make the product best suited to your target audience. Manufacturers in China are able to customize based on your specifications.

The Private Label industry is Growing 

Fulfillment by Amazon is increasing the lure for sellers to create their own private labels. This is trending as the dropshipping market is saturated. Don’t get left behind.


Of course, the process of creating a Private Label is HARD WORK. You must put in quality time to get quality products. One of the key pain points is finding the right manufacturer to produce exactly what you want. In order to achieve high customization at a lower cost, China, a known manufacturing hub, should be explored. However, doing business with China may appear to be a daunting task. This is where TM Business Solutions can support…

Learn how TM Business Solutions can help

Are you a business owner? Are you looking to start a new business? Are you an Amazon seller? Starting a private label is no SMALL task. TM Business Solutions can assist with connecting you with manufacturers via our Canton Fair tour. We can also assist with creating custom tours to other parts in China. Contact us to explore the possibilities. 

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