About Us


TM Business Solutions Limited was formed in 2017 with the mission of helping small and medium businesses to grow to their true potential. The company believes that we are in a borderless world where everyone can compete, even the “small players”. With experience in China, the company’s main focus is connecting buyers with manufacturers, to facilitate trade and private labels. Private labels are expected to grow with the digital economy and the increase of e-commerce. Our experience with the Chinese market will aid to reduce the time from idea to execution for our customers.

When you succeed, we succeed!

Doing Business with China

When people think of China, nervousness tends to set in due to a level of uncertainty based on the language barrier, culture, and distance. Of course, going into business with anyone requires a level of trust and mutual respect. China is the world’s main supplier of goods; this means it will be worth your while to explore sourcing from China in an effort to lower your costs. Websites, like Alibaba.com┬«,┬áhave successfully narrowed the gaps in finding Chinese manufacturers. Nonetheless, it is always best to have a face to face relationship to build trust and avoid any miscommunication. TM Business Solutions can help in this regard by providing the opportunity to visit China and its manufacturers through our tours to the Canton Fair.

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